Z1 at Bandlab… WOW!

I really love this type of tech and it first emerged in the mid to late 90’s but then vanished. Now a company from Singapore named Bandlab has created an online music creation and collaboration website. That’s right I said WEBSITE! And it’s FREE! It is laid out like many of the current music UI’s and is simple to use. Bandlab’s navigation and sound library currently leave a bit to be desired… but did I mention it’s FREE!

Come hear what I’m doing over at www.bandlab.com/sifuzmusic as Z1. If you join Bandlab you can jam and record along with me or I can jam along and record to something you lay down. This is what you would call BEYOND COOL!!!

Featured Track “Twilight Garden”

Lyrics to Twilight Garden:

Can not be broken tonite
This state of grace
Needs not a heart or a soul
Your memories are not allowed to violate from far away
You calm the seas control the wind and create another day
You and I
And all our other days
For the rest of eternity
Now that your broken now that you see the light of day
What will your heart say what will you bleed for
You memories your suddenly your life with me are all that remain
I can’t believe the love the lust the loss the feeling ever go away away

music written and recorded by Sifu Z.
all rights reserved 2018/2019 Sifu Z Music